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We are a general practice architecture firm established in 1987 by Christopher N. Carley, AIA, LEED AP.  We love our work and believe that thoughtful design in all things plays a major part in enhancing the quality of life.

The clients that we serve best work with an architect because they want to create the best design possible within the resources available. They often have clear ideas about what they want, but they are also open to advice and exploration of the possibilities offered by their site, their program, their budget and the realities of building technology.

Our Team and Integrated Design
Design and construction require the collaboration of different professionals with different skills.  An important part of our work is the creation and leadership of teams of engineers, estimators, and builders.  Whenever possible, we practice Integrated Design, which is a collaboration from start to finish between all of the participants in the design and construction.  Please follow the Our Team link below for connections to contractors, engineers, suppliers and other professionals on whom we count for advice and support.
Beyond Design
Although of critical importance, design is only one part of realizing a project. Financing, zoning and planning approvals and creating consensus among the people who are affected by a project are all essential steps in the process. We consider the guidance and help we provide during these phases to be an important part of the service we provide our clients. 
The same is true for project management during construction.  Building even a small project can be a confusing and stressful experience for an owner.  We make a special effort to help our clients to understand what is going on, to anticipate problems, to protect their interests, and to foster a cooperative climate among the players on our projects. 
Services and Clients
The services we offer include design, project management, technical consulting and help with the regulatory process.  Follow the Services link to a detailed list.  The Our Clients link will take you to a list of clients whom we have served.

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