Our Team
General Contractors
Builders and craftspeople we have worked with and recommend...
Brookstone Builders, Inc.  Brookstone Builders, Inc. Paula Scales www.brookbuild.com
 Cobb Hill Construction Cobb Hill Construction, Inc. Tom Avallone www.cobbhill.com
 Dynacon Dynacon Builders, Inc. Ron Barry www.dynaconbuilders.com
  John Andrews Construction  John Andrews www.johnandrewsconstruction.com
 Milestone Engineering, Inc. Milestone Engineering &
Construction, Inc.
 Frank Lemay www.milestoneengcon.com
 Meridian Construction Meridian Construction  Tim Long meridiannh.com
 North Branch Construction North Branch Construction  Ken Holmes www.northbranch.net
  Randolph Brown Custom Carpentry and  Remodeling  Randy Brown 603-269-5831
  RJH Builders, LLC  Rob Harrison rjhbuilders.com
  Turnstone Corporation  Bill Clark sclark@turnstonecorp.com
 Bow Plumbing and Heating Bow Plumbing and Heating  Bob Ives www.bowph.com
R&T Electric R&T Electric  Mark Lorden www.rtelec.com
  W.S. Dennison Cabinets  George Dennison dennisoncabinets.com
 Visual Changes Visual Changes (roofing)  John Meibaum Visualchangesnh.com
  Merrimack Tile  Rick Cibotti (603) 494-8989
Professional Engineers on whose expertise we rely.
 Design Day Mechanicals

Design Day Mechanicals, Inc. (Mechanical)

 Douglas Waitt dougwaitt@comcast.net

Dubois & King, Inc. (Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical)

 Mark Miller www.dubois-king.com
 Labombard Engineering

LaBombard Engineering, LLC (Structural)

 Dennis LaBombard drleng@aol.com
 Nobis Engineering Nobis Engineering (Civil and Environmental) Nannu Nobis  www.nobisengineering.com
 Peteren Engineering, Inc. Petersen Engineering, Inc (Mechanical)  James Petersen www.petersenengineering.com
 Reno Engineering Reno Engineering and Light Design (Electrical)  Vic Reno Renoengineering@RELightDesign.com
 Rist-Frost Shumway Rist-Frost Shumway (Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical)  Chris Shumway www.rfsengineering.com
 Trexler Engineering Trexler Engineering (Structural)  Jeff Trexler  JSTrexler@aol.com
People and Companies We'd Like You to Know
 Capitol Copy Capitol Copy (printing and signs)  Ken Kreis www.capitolcopy.com
 Company C  Company C (home furnishings)  Walter Chapin www.companyc.com
 AIANH New Hampshire Chapter of the American Institute of Architects  Carolyn Isaak www.aianh.org
  Framing By Marilyn (art restoration)  Marilyn Jost framingbymarilyn.com
 Thompson Garden Joinery Garden Joinery (custom timber garden structures)  Sarah Thompson www.gardenjoinery.com
  Millbrook Gallery and Sculpture Garden (fine arts consulting)  Pam Tarbell www.themillbrookgallery.com
 Plan NH Plan New Hampshire  Robin LeBlanc www.plannh.org
 The Duprey Companies The Duprey Companies (property management and development  Steve Duprey www.dupreycompanies.com
 Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce  Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce  Tim Sink www.concrecommen
we accept no compensation for these recommendations