Sustainable Design
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What is Sustainable Design and why should we care?  The label, along with “green design” has become so popular that it is hard to find a sales pitch that doesn’t include it.

To us it means design that yields a healthy environment for the user and the builder.  It also means enlisting Mother Nature as an ally in our efforts to make our buildings safe, snug, pleasant, economical and long lasting.  In other words, sustainable, something that should and will endure.

We believe that good design is inherently sustainable and that thoughtless design is usually a waste of resources.  That is why we care.

We find a key to sustainable design in Integrated Design, a collaboration between all of the participants in the design and construction process, including the owner, the building’s users, the architect, the engineers, the builder, and Mother Nature. The process begins with a common commitment to the design and economic goals of the project and continues until all systems are up and running properly and, in many cases, beyond that time.

Our objective is to build “green”, but just as important, to help you achieve the highest quality result within your reach. This often leads us to take an active role in the development of interiors (furniture, finishes and lighting) and landscape design (site planning and landscaping).

Christopher N. Carley, AIA is a LEED Accredited Professional.

  • Solar gain
  • Maximizing insulation/minimizing heat loss
  • Natural light
  • Rapidly renewable and non-toxic materials
  • Natural ventilation
  • The site as part of the design
  • The way things are built
  • The life span of the building
  • What you pay for what you get
  • Keeping it simple
Links to Sustainable Design Information
Energy Star
Energy Star compliance certification in new construction and major renovations can lead to incentive bonuses. "Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.
The site provides information about utility sponsored rebate programs for energy related building improvements in New Hampshire. It is sponsored by National Grid, Public Service of NH, NH Electric Coop and Unitil.
Database For State Incentives For Renewables And Efficiency
A state by state catalog of energy savings incentives.
PATH Technology Inventory
This is a site with information on sustainable products for building created by the National Associattion of Home Builders.
NH Public Utilities Commission
The NH Public Utilities Commission page on sustainable energy. At the bottom of the page are links to information and applications for energy savings rebate programs.