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Affordable Architecture - A quick, inexpensive way to explore design ideas with a professional designer
  Remodeling and Home Design
How It Works How It Works
A professional architect works with you in an intensive design session to do the following things:
  • Establish and organize your requirements, preferences, goals and reasons for making a change in your house or office.
  • Review and analyze the possibilities of your building, site and budget
  • Develop and review sketches of design options so that you can see and respond to the layout and appearance as they develop
  • Produce informal but professional sketches that you can take away and use in your home or small office design.
Whay You Get What You Get
You get professionally drawn freehand plans and computer modeled views, as appropriate.  You will also have a basic understanding of the structural issues to be addressed. Most important, you will know what your home or office design will look like, how it will work and the realistic possibilities.   
What It Costs What It Costs
The cost is based on time and varies from project to project. Here's how we charge:
  • $175 for initial data input.
  • $40/quarter hour for the design session.  A typical session lasts about 3 1/2 hours. The most common charge for a session is between $500-600.  Some projects require more than one session.
  • Learn more about cost
Your Part of the Work Your Part of the Work
To work with you, we need some information about your existing building (if you're thinking of an addition or renovation) and/or your site. The most economical way to provide that information is for you to make some measured sketches and take some pictures. See Tips on Measuring. Or, if you prefer, we can do it for you. See Additional Services. The design sessions usually last 3-4 hours. We ask you to set aside a morning or an afternoon for us and to come to our office ready to work and have fun.
The Archisketch Gallery The Archisketch Gallery
We have done over 100 successful projects with Archisketch! Take a look at some of them.
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