Our Services
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Permitting Assistance Space Needs Analysis and Projection
Assistance in planning and creating applications for zoning and planning board approvals. Presentations and negotiations with municipal boards and officials. Identification of current and future space and facilities needs.
Feasibility Studies Programming
Examination of one or more alternatives for executing a planned change to identify costs, benefits, and qualitative issues. Translation of current and future space and facilities needs into a specific plan for change.
Master Planning  Building Code Analysis
Development of long range master plans for buildings and building sites. Review of fire, building, handicapped, and special use regulations, zoning code issues and management of the permitting process.
Site Selection Contractor Coordination
Review of site selection alternatives and the coordination of permitting, which might include zoning, environmental and civil engineering, special permits, etc. Development of construction details and documentation as required to communicate design intent and secure building permits. Coordination of the contractor’s schedules and budgets with the requirements of the owner. On-going monitoring of the construction process on behalf of the owner. Review of the contractor’s applications for payment.
Existing Conditions Survey Project Management
Establishment of an organized inventory of existing conditions, operations flow, etc. and analysis of the assets and liabilities of current operations. Management of the day to day details of physical change including budgets, communications, schedules, and coordination of all the players. We can become your physical change expert and manager, if you wish.
Architectural Design Space Planning
The creation of architectural and planning concepts in drawing form for client review. The creation of space plans for office, warehouse and other interior layouts in drawing form for client review.
Contract Interior Design Budgeting
Selection of furniture, finishes, window treatment, fabrics, etc. for client review. This service also frequently includes coordination of installation. The establishment of budgets for change including construction, other facilities modification, moving costs, etc., as required.
Team Formatting Construction Drawings
Assistance in the selection of team members (builder, architect/engineer, etc.) to best suit the project and the client’s, goals. The creation of plans and specifications for securing building permits and for communication of design information to contractors, tradespeople and vendors.
Technical Consulting Consultant Coordination
Analysis and solution of technical problems, such as air and water leakage, facade failure, structural problems, lighting, heat loss or gain, and noise control. Identification of technical problems and assistance in locating, qualifying and managing consultants and vendors with specialized knowledge. These might include architects with special capabilities such as historic preservation, hazardous waste consultants, climate control engineers, structural or civil engineers, electrical, computer, communications and security specialists.
Selection and Coordination of Furniture  
Selection, budgeting, ordering and delivery coordination of new contract furniture including systems furniture. Coordination of furniture installations with electrical, communications and computer networks.